Model Documentation

There are four TIF/TTIF Prioritization models, one model for each of the four programs that get funded through the TIF/TTIF: TIF Highway, TIF Active, TTIF Transit, and TTIF First & Last Mile. 

The models are a data driven support tool for the Transportation Commission to program projects for funding. They were developed around the UVision Transportation framework for Quality of Life; a collaborative effort that resulted in a shared vision for transportation goals and investments. UDOT embraced UVision in the prioritization process; a "good" project that UDOT funds should enhance Utahns quality of life. Within this framework there are four pillars; Good Health, Strong Economy, Connected Communities and Better Mobility. These pillars are used in each prioritization model. Every project must demonstrate how well it performs in the measures that make up any or all of those pillars in order to receive a high ranking.  

The models are developed to run in a spreadsheet and produce a ranked list; projects with the highest scores perform the best within measured used.

The current models documentation can be found here. This documentation includes the measure used in each of the models and the data behind those measures.