Capacity Project Prioritization

The Utah Transportation Commission, in consultation with the Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) and the state’s Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), developed a written prioritization process to guide the decision-making process for programming Transportation Investment Fund (TIF) and Transit Transportation Investment Fund (TTIF) monies for transportation capacity projects. This site houses everything about the TIF/TTIF prioritization process, including the modeling process, information on nominations, the legislative requirements, and frequently asked questions.


What is the TIF and TTIF?

According to the UDOT Strategic Direction the TIF and TTIF account for roughly 50% of total UDOT funding. The funding is used to construct capacity projects in addition to bond payments and other transportation infrastructure.

General Project Prioritization Information

Bills and Codes

Take a look at the various bills and codes that have guided the prioritization process.

Utah Transportation Commission Materials

View current and past Transportation Commission materials that have involved the prioritization process.

Model Documentation

Review the current models documentation.

Current Ranked TIF/TTIF Lists

Click here to view the most recent ranked TIF/TTIF lists, which includes information on which projects have been funded.

Moderate Income Housing & the TIF/TTIF Information

SB 34 of the 2019 legislative session requires municipalities to adopt strategies aimed at encouraging affordable housing to be eligible to receive TIF/TTIF funds from the Utah Department of Transportation.

Click here to view more on the Moderate Income Housing Requirements.